No Meeting Tuesday Feb 9th

posted Feb 9, 2016, 2:59 PM by Stuart Coulter   [ updated Feb 9, 2016, 3:01 PM ]

Due to the snowy weather, we will not meet tonight. Remember, next Tuesday we have a CPR refresher.  Don't miss it !

Ski Trip Details

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Will leave right after school ( 4PM) on Friday and drive to Mtn.  Ski Saturday, Sat night and 1/2 day Sunday. Leaders are Mr Baxter and Brian Coulter 841 2313.  Bring about $40 for Friday supper, sunday lunch, and snacks.  Saturday lunch will be sandwiches by Mrs. Wonder.  Saturday supper will be cooked in the rented house, as will sunday breakfast. cost of skiing and and equipment rental will be 186 plus another 10 for a required helmet. Mrs Posanka will pay ski and rental fee for all 158 folks as a group. After the trip, you will be notified of your share of the skiing,lodging, food, and gas cost. We will return at about suppertime Sunday  [smc]

Upcoming Events as of 1/9/16

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Climbing Wall Trip - we will go to the climbing wall in Chattanooga on Jan 16th. More details at the Jan 12th Scout Meeting.

Troop 158 is going Skiing at Cataloochee.
 Feb 5-7.  Leave right after school on Friday, and return about suppertime on Sunday. 

See for a report from one of our last ski trips.

March 1 - Philmont payment due.

Upcoming Events as of 8/12/15

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What is the best summary of our upcoming events?  Our Google calendar, with link at lower left, or here

Aug 22 - Lifesaving and Swimming at Manchester Pool.  Depending on the syllabus you have chosen, you may need Lifesaving to earn Eagle Scout.  Dr. Steinle ( 409-0951) will be teaching this class.  If you just want to just swim, that's ok too. Manchester Pool at 9 AM.  Cost =$5 to get in plus more for any food you want. 9 AM till mid afternoon. Car pooling likely to be announced.

 Work Day at Short Springs - most every Scout needs service hours.  A great way to earn hrs is to help at the next Short Springs work day ( actually just the morning).  Saturday Aug 29- 9 am till 12 PM.  During our journeys, we hike and backpack over trails maintained by some other organization.  This is your chance to give back. Bring work gloves, water, and eye protection.  Meet at the Short Springs parking lot.  POC is Mr Coulter 841-4105

Sept 1 - Court of honor.  Get your accomplishments in Aug 18.

Sept 5, 6, 7.  Two night backpack to Savage Gulf, in prep for Philmont.  POC = Mr Horrocks. 247-2000. Meet at the scout room at TBD.

Sept 12th. Support the ELK River 100 bike ride.  Our troop will man a rest stop and cook the post-ride meal. We need everyone to help at this event. This is a good money making event for Scouts saving up for future outings like Philmont. Meet at Motlow College at 6 AM. Adult leader = TBA.  Carpooling likely to be announced. This is an all day event, but if you need to leave for a little while for a soccer game, that's ok.

Oct 23-25 Campout.  POC = Elaine Posanka. 409-0628

Our recent activity was White Water Rafting on the Ocoee River - Aug 8th. Photo courtesy of Carrie Baxter

May 23rd Dayhike to Stone Door

posted Jun 16, 2015, 6:59 PM by Stuart Coulter

Saturday May 23rd we hiked a loop from Stone Door Ranger station, out to Alum Gap campsite, down into the gorge to the Sinks, then back up to the Stone Door. Trip length was 8 miles. Attending were Ben and Alan Horrocks, Bryan and Lenny Perry, Calem, Levi, Matthews and Michael Brown, and Brian and Stuart Coulter.  Photos courtesy of Michael Brown and Stuart Coulter

Upcoming Events

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June 19th: Life Saving Class and Swimming Merit badge.  10 AM at Manchester Rec Center.

June 21st - Work the Rocket Launch.

June 27th - Brian's eagle project at First Methodist Church 9 AM. Please come and help.  Lunch will be provided.

July 5th - Summer Camp at Boxwell.

Brush Cleanup at Our Church

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Members of our Troop spent Saturday morning ( 11/1/14) cleaning our brush and unwanted trees around the parking lot that is behind the post office. Participating were Levi and Jim Burns, Brian and Stuart Coulter, and Dr. Steinle.  Afterwards, Dr Steinle took us to lunch at Rafael's. :)

Swimming Merit Badge

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We will be working on swimming merit badge Sunday Sept 21, 1 PM at the Manchester pool. Several have signed up, but if you have not you can still come and work on the merit badge or just swim. Meet at the scout room at 12:20 to arrange car pools. Read the merit badge requirements beforehand and bring normal swimming gear ( towels, goggles, etc.) and also jeans and a long-sleeve shirt for the requirements. Bring $ for entrance fee. [smc]

Court of Honor & Elections

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A court of honor was held on 8/19/2014, and several merit badges and rank advancements were earned.  Elections were also held.
8/19/14 Court of Honor

Additional pictures ( courtesy of Mr. Burns) are available at:

 The election results are:
Levi                       SPL
Brian                      ASPL
Quartermaster         Ben
Scribe                    Benji
Webmaster             Matthew B.
Chaplain's Aid          Trace 

Recent Events

posted May 27, 2014, 5:52 PM by Stuart Coulter   [ updated May 28, 2014, 6:52 PM ]

5/25/14 - Our Troop served at the Memorial Day church service at our charter church- First Methodist of Tullahoma.  We provided the color guard and then collected ( and surrendered) the offering.Trace, Spencer, Matthew B, Brian, ,Spencer Y. and Mr. Coulter assisted.

On 5/18/14, we went on a dayhike in the Savage Gulf area.  We had planned to go the Walls of Jericho, but a rain storm was perched over that area and was forecast to stay there, so we changed our destination.  We hiked down thru the Stone Door, then east on the connector trail to the Cantor Historic Homestead.  Trip distance = 8.5 miles.  Did not make it to Sawmill due to lack of time. Ben, Benji, Brian, Trace, Mr & Mrs Coulter and Mr. Horrocks attended.

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